Esma Mese (1), Haneen Daoud (1), Wolfgang Hofmann (2), Peter Würtele (2), Uwe Glatzel (1)

1- Neue Materialien Bayreuth, Germany

2- Peter Würtele GmbH, Germany


The nickel-based superalloy (MAR-M247) is a non-weldable alloy with attractive high-temperature properties. However, it has not been possible to print components using classic additive manufacturing processes. Sinter-based processes enable the production of difficult and non-weldable alloys. But cracking and porosity in printed components is high. Therefore, in this study, highly filled metal filaments of MAR-M247 were used to print specimens using fused filament fabrication (FFF). The microstructure and weight change were analyzed after printing, debinding and sintering by optical and scanning electron microscopy and EDX. The high temperature tensile tests for sintered samples are presented.