NEW – 4th Edition

This 30-page brochure for the promotion of metal injection moulding to potential end users and also for use at educational establishments.

The brochure contains over 20 case studies that illustrate the broad range of materials and shapes that can be produced by MIM.

The brochure is divided into nine sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Raw Materials Used in MIM
    – Metal Powders
    – Characterisation of MIM Powders
    – Binders
    – Mixing
    – Characterisation of MIM Feedstock
  3. The MIM Process
    – Injection Moulding
    – Binder Removal
    – Sintering
  4. Properties of MIM Products
    – Density and residual porosity
    – Mechanical Properties
    – Fatigue Strength
    – Heat Treatment
    – Corrosion Resistance
  5. MIM Design Guidelines
    – Part Design
    – Mould Design
    – Moulding Simulation
    – Dimensional Accuracy of MIM Parts
    – Comparison of MIM with Competing Technologies
  6. International Standards for MIM
    – Objective
    – MIM material design
    – Standards on mechanical properties
    – Standards for non-ferrous MIM materials
    – Standards for testing MIM parts
    – Further standards relevant for MIM
  7. Recent Developments in the MIM Process
    – Two Component MIM
    – Binder Jet 3D-Printing for Prototyping and Small Scale MIM Product
  8. Summary
  9. Case Studies

Further information on metal injection moulding and powder metallurgy can be found in the PM Process area of this website.