Carl-Magnus Lancelot (1), Andreas Markström (1), Amer Malik (1), Quang Minh Do (1), Johan Jeppsson (1)

1- Thermo-Calc Software AB, Råsundavägen 18A, 16967 Solna, Sweden


Thermo-Calc has spent the last few years developing new models to predict thermophysical material properties to incorporate with CALPHAD-based materials descriptions. This foundation is currently used to extract CALPHAD-based materials data for use in dedicated Finite Element simulation codes, which usually treat material properties in a highly simplified manner. This development has laid the foundation for a completely integrated simulation tool, using the CALPHAD-based descriptions of phase equilibria and physical properties, to simulate the Additive Manufacturing process. The Additive Manufacturing module in the Thermo-Calc software was released this summer, and it gives a unique possibility to address the problem of solidification during AM, where we obtain a unified treatment of both process parameters and chemistry-dependent thermophysical properties when solving the multiphysics problem of a moving heat source that melts and solidifies metal powder. Examples are shown of the AM module applied to different material classes.