Ali Rajaei (1), Valérian Iss (1), Christoph Broeckmann (1)

1- Institute for materials applications in mechanical engineering (IWM) of the RWTH Aachen University


The performance of Powder metallurgical (PM) gears must be increased towards the level of the conventional high strength gears for a reliable application in automotive transmission. To this end, the potentials of the PM production of gears must be fully utilized. Surface densification and hardening of sintered gears are examples of economically plausible measures to increase the strength of these components. However, a comprehensive consideration of the strength relevant parameters such as geometry, porosity, hardness and residuals stresses is required to define an optimized choice of particular material and process chain for higher gear strength. In this work, a computational approach is developed, which integrates the numerical modelling of the case hardening and the tooth loading, and the calculation of the load bearing capacity using different fatigue limit criteria. The results of the simulation are evaluated by comparing with available experimental findings.